New Product Announcements, week ending March 22nd 2020

I hope that you and your families are safe, and doing all you can to remain free of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Carolynn and I are well, remaining home as much as we can, and doing our best to “social distance” when we do have to venture out.   Sure wish folks out there had a clue what “6 feet” means !

DRAW Decal has announced the following new set in 1/144 and 1/200 scales:


8ADecs has released four new sets, all in 1/144 scale:

  • 8A144​-592 American Airlines (ex Reno Air cs) McDD MD80 / 87 / 90






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1 Response to New Product Announcements, week ending March 22nd 2020

  1. philip morlet says:

    Hi Russ

    Thanks for this mail, great schemes.

    Look after your health, I think worldwide now we are stuffed in the same boat.


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