New Product Announcements, week ending July 6th 2019

First, to all our U.S. customers, hope you enjoyed a great Independence Day!

This week, DRAW released one new set for the fleet of Janet Airlines (a.k.a. EG&G) Boeing 737-600’s based at Las Vegas and used to transport employees to government bases in the Southwest.

These aircraft replaced a fleet of 737-200’s that were purchased from Western Airlines, hence the red stripe along the window line, a remnant of Western’s final cs.  A similar decal is available for the -200 fleet as DW44-737-038, DW20-737-038, DW10-737-038 and DW72-737-038.


26 Decals previously announced the following new decals as “at the printer”.  They are now in stock, all designed to fit modified Minicraft DC-8 kits.

  • STS44-330 Overseas National DC-8-32 (Bicentennial cs) “Independence”


  • STS44-331 Overseas National DC-8-21 (Bicentennial cs) “Confederate”


  • STS44-332 Braniff ‘Calder’ Douglas DC-8-62


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