Clearance Sale for older Vintage Flyer Decals

Some time ago, Vintage Flyer changed their print process, introducing what they describe as Digital Precision Silkscreen 2 (DPS2), replacing their previous laser print process.  At the time I had considerable stocks of the older decals, which I continued to offer identified as “-X” sheet numbers.

The primary improvement offered by the DPS2 sheets is the ability to overlay colours more accurately, eliminating the need to print white “masking” elements as separately printed and applied decals.   The artwork and color accuracy of the older decals were never an issue, they are excellent decals.

The change-over to “DPS2” occured at at sheet 97 (the Braniff Convair 340), all sheets after this one are only available as DPS2.  So the “pre-DPS2” sheets are sheet 001 (Western Airlines 737-200) up to 096 (Pan American L.1049 Super Constellation).

I have slightly changed the product codes for these older decals, with the objective to make them easier to locate.  The DPS2 versions of Vintage Flyer decals will continue to be identified by “VFDxxx-yyy” sheet numbers (where the xxx identifies the scale, yyy identifies the decal), and the older sheets by “VFXxxx-yyy” sheet numbers.

This week I have completed a full inventory of these remaining decals, and have further reduced their prices.  I have updated the estore with quantities of each remaining.  If you can add it to a cart, it is in stock.  Once sold out, I will be deleting the “VFX” sheets from my site.

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