Welsh Models (finally) Arrived July 3rd !

My latest Welsh Models order, which includes both some  restocks and newer releases, finally arrived July 3rd 2018.  They were delayed by a postal error, and have now made the trip between South Wales and Chandler AZ three times …  but they are here now!

The new 1/144 scale releases are:

  • WSL-395R Boeing 737-MAX8 Air Canada (2017 cs) (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WSL-398R Bae 4100 Jetstream 41, British Airways (all resin kit)
  • WSL-400R Saab 2000, Swiss (all resin kit)
  • WSL-402R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan, Hunting Cargo (all resin kit)
  • WSL-413P BAC 1-11-500, British European Airways (Vac/Resin kit)
  • WSL-414R BAC 1-11-500, British European Airways (all resin kit)
  • WSL-415P Curtiss C.46 Riddle Airways (Vac/Resin kit)
  • WSL-416R Boeing 737-MAX8 WestJet Canada (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WSL-417R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan, Summit, Nomad Air, Alkan Air (all resin kit)
  • WSL-419R Fh.227D, Nordair Canada (all resin kit)
  • WSL-421R Boeing 737-MAX8 American Airlines (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WYO-10R General Aviation GA.43, Western Airlines (all resin kit)

For Welsh Models kits, the last letter of the product number indicates the materials the kit is made from.  “P” indicates a vac & resin kit, “R” indicates all-resin.


And in 1/72 scale:

  • WMT72/16  Boeing P-8A Poseidon, Royal Australian Air Force

Images will be attached as soon as my order arrives, and I have a few minutes to scan and format them.


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