New Product Announcements, week ending June 9th 2018

8ADecs released three new decals in 1/144 and 1/100 this week.  Two airliner schemes, and one additional “Photoreal” window set for teh 747-8I.


The Delta Connection sheet features the Embraer 175, the similar Embraer 170 has previously been released by DRAW Decal, also in 1/144 and 1/100 scales.


On the subject of DRAW Decal….  they have formally released their American Airlines Boeing 737-MAX8 sheets.  This decal is available as an option in the recently released Welsh Models resin MAX8 kit (along with Air Canada and WestJet, separately, not all in one kit!).


Hey!   The reg that DRAW has chosen as the primary on this sheet has my initials!  Cool…  I just might have to build one (to sit alongside my British Caledonian 737-200 G-BRMB!).

Segue nicely to Welsh Models:  I have an order from Welsh in process, which should leave Wales early next week.   As soon as I have confirmation of its contents I will add the new items to the site, and will publish a “special edition” entry to this blog, but to whet your appetite just a little, Welsh’s recently released trio of 1/144 scale Boeing 737-MAX8 kits (American Airlines, Air Canada and WestJet Canada) should all be included.



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