New Product Announcements, week ending March 10th 2018

First, DRAW Decal released two new airliner decals this week:

The Air Canada decal is included in a newly released Welsh Models resin 1/144 scale Boeing 737-MAX8 kit.

Next, TwoSix released two more F.27 kits and decals:

We were expecting to have news of the Revell Germany Airbus A.320NEO and A.321NEO kits by now, but to date there is nothing on the Revell Germany website, nor on any of the modelling websites that usually herald forthcoming releases.  One such site lists the followig as expected to be released in 2018 (though not yet showing on Revell’s web site) are the following:

  • RV3910 Douglas C.54D USAF ‘Berlin Airlift’ (1/72 scale, April 2018)
  • RV3922 Airbus A.380-800 British Airways (1/144 scale, June 2018) (was previously expected to be Emirates)
  • RV3912 Boeing 747-8F United Parcel Service (1/144 scale, July 2018)
  • RV4958 Antonov 225 ‘Mrija’ (1/144 scale, November 2018)
  • RV3920 Douglas C.54D USAF ‘Thunderbirds’ (platinum edition) (1/72 scale, November 2018)

Our distributors are not showing any of these as yet, so prices are not known at this time.  I’ll add them to the web site and make further announcements as this information becomes available.

Welsh Models continues to release new 1/144 scale airliner kits, and while most new releases are of the less popular aircraft types, Welsh does sometimes release a model that competes directly with an injection moulded kit.  Case in point, this month Welsh released two Boeing 737-MAX8 all resin kits, with Air Canada (2017 cs) or WestJet Canada decals.  I have just ordered:

  • WSL-395R Boeing 737-MAX8 Air Canada (2017 cs) (all resin kit, decal by DRAW)
  • WSL-416R Boeing 737-MAX8 WestJet Canada (all resin kit)
  • WSL-421R Boeing 737-MAX8 American Airlines (all resin kit)
  • WSL-417R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan, Summit, Nomad Air, Alkan Air
  • WSL-402R Shorts SC.7 Skyvan, Hunting Cargo
  • WSL-413P BAC 1-11-500, BEA (red square cs) (Vac/Resin kit)
  • WSL-414R BAC 1-11-500, BEA (red square cs) (all resin kit)
  • WSL-415P Curtiss C.46 Riddle
  • WSL-419R Fh.227D, Nordair Canada
  • WSL-400R Saab 2000, Swiss
  • WSL-398R Bae 4100 Jetstream 41, British Airways
  • WYO-10R GA.43 Clark, Western Airlines

These are not on the web site yet, as I need to figure out prices.  I’ll do so asap, and once on the site, I will add links to this post.   *** Update:  the above due in stock June 18th 2018!




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