BraZ Resin Releases

Much to my chagrin, I just realized I failed to properly announce the latest resin parts from BraZ.  All were released mid November at the IPMS ModelWorld hobby show in Telford, UK.

First, BraZ has released engines, wheels and an “S” duct (for the center engine intake) in 1/144 scale for the various L.1011 Tristar kits.  All should be usable on the Airfix, Revell, Otaki, Welsh, and Eastern Express kits.  Finally we have engines that are not the early RB.211s!

  • BZ4101 RB.211-22B Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4102 RB.211-22C Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4103 RB.211-524B Engines (2 1/2), L.1011 Tristar
  • BZ4104 L.1011 Tristar Center Engine “S” Duct (with fan)
  • BZ4105 Wheel Set, L.1011 Tristar

Next, BraZ has released updated winglets for the Embraer 170/175 in 1/144 scale for the Hasegawa kit, and in 1/100 scale for the Tamiya kit:

  • BZ4112 Winglets for Embraer 170/175
  • BZ1001 Winglets for Embraer 170/175


Finally, BraZ released a series of 1/144 scale Wi-Fi antennae.

  • BZ4106 SatCom CNA-2102 Antenna
  • BZ4107 Wi-Fi Antenna, any aircraft
  • BZ4108 Wifi Antenna, Airbus Narrowbodies
  • BZ4109 Wi-Fi Antenna, Boeing 737
  • BZ4110 Wi-Fi Antenna, Embraer 170/175/190/195 (Type 1)
  • BZ4111 Wi-Fi Antenna, Embraer 170/175/190/195 (Type 2)


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