TwoSix Resin Release – BAC 1-11 Nose

After a long absence, TwoSix has re-released their resin BAC 1-11 nose as TSR144-05, intended to convert the Airfix BAC 1-11-200 kit to have the “in service” more pointed radome, and to improve the accuracy of the cockpit.  This part was previously released as LGW44-01.

This is a single piece to replace the entire 1-11 nose forward of the front cabin doors. It can be used on the Welsh Models 1-11-500 kits as well.

Why is the Airfix kit inaccurate?  The kit was developed from the 1-11 prototype, which originally flew with the more blunt nose.  The first few 1-11-200’s for British United, and apparently the first Braniff airframe were also fitted with the blunt radomes, but these were replaced before the aircraft went into service.


So is the timing of this release a hint that perhaps Airfix will shortly re-release their 1-11 kit?  We shall have to wait and see…..

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