Revell Germany Q4 2017 Announcements

Three new airliner releases are expected from Revell Germany late in 2017.  One is a re-release of an existing mould (and repeated markings), the other two are all-new.  All three are expected to be released late in Q4 2017 (that’s Oct/Nov/Dec 2017), with no firm eta for their arrival in North America and at AHS.


  • RV3922 Airbus A.380-800, Emirates Airlines

Entirely new kits are:

  • RV3942 Airbus A.320NEO (Markings not yet announced)
  • RV4952 Airbus A.321NEO (Markings not yet announced)

“NEO” means “New Engine Option”, with “Sharklet” wingtips.

It is rumoured that while the A.321 will be a full kit including landing gear, the A.320 might be a kit with a display stand only, and no landing gear.  The “logic” behind this rumour being that the A.320NEO kit is cheaper, and that it is in Revell’s “simpler” series 3 while the A.321 is in series 4.  Sorry, makes no sense to me.  The A.380 is in series 3, and is a far more complicated kit than the A.320/A.321 can ever be.  And, previously released “RV3” airliners have all included landing gear (3937 Emb190, 3938 Airbus A.350, 3946 Boeing 727-100, and so on.  Time will tell….

All three kits are available for pre-order, and will be shipped as soon as they arrive.

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