Latest DRAW Decal Releases are here

DRAW Decal continues to be prolific in releasing new decals, usually two new sets are announced each week.  While about half are for P-51 Mustangs in their “Gathering of Mustangs and Legends” series, many great new airliner decals have been released.

Many of the above (especially 1/144 scale)  are already in stock, and any that are not can be obtained very quickly.  Greg and I have worked out an order/print/delivery schedule that will usually put a decal I do not have in stock in your hands within 4 to 5 weeks.  Understand, please, we are both working hard to accomplish this goal, but cannot guarantee we will meet it for every order.

As to the Mustangs:  As AHS is predominantly civilian transport oriented, we do not intend to carry stocks of all of DRAW’s military subjects.  I do carry military transports, especially the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” 737’s, DC10’s (KC10’s), etc, and other transports.  So, I am stocking C5 Galaxys, C.130 Hercules, and C17 Globemasters.  P-51s, and other fighter / racers can be ordered, please anticipate a 3 – 4 week delivery.

Hurricane Irma – Updated Sept 15th 2017

DRAW received some news from Florida early in the week that their print facility escaped serious damage, and all staff are and their families are safe.  By the end of the week  power had already been restored, and internet connectivity was imminent.  They expect to be back printing decals next week.

Enjoy !

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