Vintage Flyer Releases early DC-9-10 Decals

Vintage Flyer has announced their first batch of DC-9-10 decals, no doubt encouraged by the release of the Atlantis Models 1/72 scale DC-9-10 kit.  The following are available in 1/72, 1/120 (for the Revell kit) and 1/144 scale (for the FLY DC-9-10 or converted Airfix DC-9-30 kits).

VFD72-232  VFD120-232  VFD144-232 Trans World Airlines (delivery cs)
VFD72-233  VFD120-233  VFD144-233 Eastern Airlines
VFD72-234  VFD120-234  VFD144-234 Hughes Airwest
VFD72-235  VFD120-235  VFD144-235 Delta Airlines
VFD72-236  VFD120-236  VFD144-236 West Coast Airlines
VFD72-237  VFD120-237  VFD144-237 Hawaiian Airlines
VFD72-238  VFD120-238  VFD144-238 Air West (gold/red cs)
VFD72-239  VFD120-239  VFD144-239 Air West (green/blue cs)
VFD72-240  VFD120-240  VFD144-240 Air West (blue/mustard cs)

The Continental Airlines ‘Golden Jet’ DC-9-10 decal has been re-drawn and re-released.  The “T” version provides a full gold and black decal for the tail fin, the other requires that the modeller paint the gold tail, and apply a white/black decal to complete.

VFD72-039   VFD120-039   VFD144-039    Continental Airlines ‘Golden Jet’
VFD72-039T VFD120-039T VFD144-039T Continental Airlines ‘Golden Jet’

We have placed our initial order with Vintage Flyer, and expect them in stock in early June.

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