Clearance Sale

A review of inventory, necessary evil at tax time, confirmed I am over-stocked on a few kits.  Some are no longer generally available, but either way, I have more than I really need to support sales.   So, you win!

To find them, you can search in a few ways.

First, and probably easiest, type “-csp” (without the quotes) in the search box top left on the home page.  You should find everything.  “CSP” means Clearance Sale Price”.

Alternatively, look down the left side of the home pags.  Number 6 is the “Clearance Table”, and under that relevant categories.

No limits, no conditions!   Add what ever you want to a shopping cart, and proceed through checkout.  A few customers have already picked a few items, most are limited quantities at the “CSP” price.

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