Latest BraZ Resin Parts to Arrive…

With our recent restock shipment from BraZ, I received the following new items:

  • BZ4096 GE90-94B Engines (2), B.777-200, -200ER, -300
  • BZ4097 RR Trent 800 Engines (2), B.777-200, -200ER, -300
  • BZ4098 PW4090 Engines (2), B.777-200, -200ER, -300
  • BZ4099 Boeing 777-200ER, -300 Raked Wingtips

The 777-200LR, -300ER and -200F are all exclusively powered by the GE90-110B1 or -115B engines, as supplied in the Zvezda / Revell 777-300 kit.  The engines listed above are intended to allow the modeller to build a -300 from the Zvezda kit, or a shortened -200 or -200ER.

All are available for immediate shipment.


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