FRsin Releases Airbus A.300-600 Kits

Shortly before the IPMS (UK) Nationals, FRsin announced the imminent release of their latest limited run injection moulded plastic kit, the Airbus A.300-600.  It has now been released with six separate livery options as follows:

The kit comprises a new fuselage, fin and stabs by FRsin, combined with parts purchased from Revell Germany from their A.300-600ST ‘Super Transporter’ kit – wings, engines and landing gear.  This is a complete kit, not a conversion kit.

Engines provided (as said, the Revell Germany parts) are a pair of GE CF6-80C2 turbofans.  The A.300-600 (and similar 600R) were delivered either with these GE engines, or a pair of PW4158’s.  BraZ offers a pair of the PW’s as BZ4001.

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