Flying Colors Releases 1/144 Scale Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Decal

FC44-055-SIA-B777-300ER-WFlying Colors announced the release of sheet FC44-055, a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER decal.  It is designed for the Zvezda kit, and as the Revell kit is a licensed release of the Zvezda kit, it will fit it equally well.

The decal comprises two sheets, and provides full titles, tail logos, stripes, and a lot of small details.

In an effort to save production costs, Flying Colors does not provide an instruction sheet with the decal, instead expecting the customer top download and print a three page instruction sheet themselves.  Personally, not an economy I can agree with, so I have printed and inserted a full set of full size instruction sheets into every decal in my stock.

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