Roden Announces the Imminent Release of their 1/144 Scale Vickers/BAC Super VC-10 !

ROD-313-Super-VC-10-BOAC-WYou may wonder why my logo features a profile of a Super VC-10… and those of you who have met me either when I lived in Toronto, or here in Arizona may have noticed the personalized license plate – G-ASGH – on my car.  Reason for both is that Golf Hotel was the BOAC Super on flight BA567, London Heathrow to Montreal the day I emigrated to Canada from the U.K.  My father photographed it as we taxied to our stand at Dorval that afternoon…. if you look really really carefully you just might see my face plastered to one of the forward left side cabin windows…  must find that slide….

So, it is with a great deal of excitement that IROD329-EAAC-SVC10-W read of Roden’s imminent release of a 1/144 scale kit of the aircraft.  Two releases are planned – ROD313 as BOAC ‘Speedbird’, and ROD329 as an East African Airways ‘combi’.   No doubt it will be released in British Airways markings and as an RAF tanker guise in the not too distant future.

There is no firm date as yet for their arrival in the U.S., but photographs of the sprues and decals have been circulating.  I just might have to build one or two….

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1 Response to Roden Announces the Imminent Release of their 1/144 Scale Vickers/BAC Super VC-10 !

  1. Jim Hopkins says:

    Airfix also had 1/144 scale VC 10 kits in BA markings. I have two kits, one still wrapped.

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