Airfix Re-Releases the Dh.106 Comet 4B

AAFX04176-Dh-Cpmet-4B-BEA-Boirfix has re-released their 1/144 scale Dh.106 Comet 4B as AFX-04176.   This release comes with BEA Airtours ‘speedjack’ markings (easily modified to straight BEA markings) along with Olympic Airways.

Airfix has taken the opportunity to make some improvements to the kit.  Gone are the cutouts for the cabin windows, they are now supplied on the decal sheet.   A clear windshield is provided.  Airfix also still includes a nice set of Airstairs with this kit.  I’m not certain, but there are now only two cabin doors to install (were there 4 previously?), and no lower baggage doors.  Has Airfix removed these as welAFX04176-Dh-Cpmet-4B-BEA-D-l?  I will have to dig one of my older Comet kits out of storage to compare.  One vestige of the earlier kits is the little punch for piercing the decal over the cabin windows is still provided.

Since Humbrol bought the company a few years ago, Airfix has done a very good job of re-releasing the kits with significantly improved decals, and in a few cases, improvements to the kits.  Hats off to Airfix!  Can we perhaps hope that a new airliner kit will appear sometime soon?

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