Revell Germany 1/72 Scale Douglas C.54

RV04877-WThe new 1/72 scale Douglas C.54 (DC-4) has arrived, and if the pre-release photos were mouth watering, the actual kit is beyond expectations.  It features incredible detail, inside and out.  It will be interesting to see how much of it is visible once the model is assembled.

It’s in stock, see RV4877.

Many of our favourite decal makers have promised to release decals for this magnificent kit over the coming months.  TwoSix has already released two, and Vintage Flyer is planning to adapt their existing C.54 and DC-4 decals to properly fit this kit.

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2 Responses to Revell Germany 1/72 Scale Douglas C.54

  1. Kendall says:

    Please remind me what the MC KC-135 kit is good for 707-wise?  Also, is it a good modernization to place next to the old. Revell tanker?


    Ken Palmer


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    From:”Airline Hobby Supplies” Date:Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 7:45 PM Subject:[New post] Arrivals…

    russ@AHS posted: ”  Orders have arrived over the last 48 hours from: FRsin (L.749, M202, M404 + restock Cv.880, Cv.990, Viscount, ATR72)) MASP (restocks) BOA Agency Decals (new releaeses + restocks) Revell Germany (the 1/72 C.54 kit) Minicraft (the 1/14″

  2. russ@AHS says:

    The KC-135 shares the Boeing 367-80 as its root, and while it looks like a 707, it has very little in common with a 707 from an airframe viewpoint. A different fuselage (narrower, shorter), and a different wing. Internally, Boeing assigned the 717 descriptor during its development, though officially non were delivered as such.

    The old Revell 707 from the early 60’s was a compromise between the 707 and KC-135, close enough to both to get away with it. The Minicraft kit is way superior to the Revell kit.

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