Flying Colors Restock and New Releases

We have received a large restock ordeFC44-038 McDD MD80 Details Decal V2-912r from Flying Colors.   Notable is a re-release of their popular MD80 Detail Decal (FC44-038), and two new detail sets for the Boeing 707-320B/C (FC44-054C and FC44-054G).

The MD80 set includes cockpit and cabin windows, wing panels, door outlines and details, and a host of other small details ideal to complement any airline decal.

FC44-054C-B707-320BC-Decal-The two versions of the 707-320B/C detail decal likewise include a full set of cockpit and cabin windows, door outlines and details, and othe rsmall details.  Sheet 54G provides grey wing panels, while 54C provides ‘Corogard’ wing panels.

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