Die Cast Collection Sale

I have been commissioned by the widow of a good friend to help her sell a fairly substantial part of her late husband’s 1/400 scale diecast model collection.  I think I have added over 100 ‘new’ (actually, most quite old) diecasts to the estore, under the category “Rare Diecast Models”.  Click here to visit the category.

In this category you will find the ‘gems’, the models long sold out elsewhere, and models that even when they were first released, were in high demand and sold out quickly.  So far I am working through the Aeroclassics and GeminiJets, with Phoenix and Dragon Wings to follow as I have time to add them to the site.   As this is a personal collection, I have one each available.

You will find an Aeroclassics United Caravelle, a GeminiJets Delta 747-100 ,and much, much more.  All the models have been inspected and are in excellent condition.

To sweeten the deal, we are offering Free Shipping anywhere in the continental US (lower 48, so except Hawaii and Alaska) by UPS Ground to all diecast orders that include two (or more) “-CS” models, and a minimum order of $200 before shipping.  There is no way to prevent the site quoting a shipping cost when you place the order, but I will refund it when I finalize the invoice.

Good hunting!


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