Revell Germany RV3989 Airbus A.350-900 Kit

RV3989-WI have finally received a stock of the new Revell Germany Airbus A.350-900 kit.  It is item number RV3989, and comes with Airbus prototype markings.

The kit is state of the art, with a few new features for Revell.  The kit itself is up to Revell Germany’s usual high standard for detail, features and precision.  A modest cockpit interior is even provided!  The engines….  all I can say is you have to see them to believe them.  Exquisite !   The added features?  First, strips of clear cabin windows are provided, similar to what we used to see with Airfix airliner kits.    Secondly, a sturdy display stand is provided.

RV3989-A350-900-Decal-88The decal was designed by Daco, and printed in Italy (likely by Cartograf, though not specifically identified as such).  The winglet decals deserve particular note, featuring a beautifully rendered colour blend from blue at the tips to grey at the base.  All the fine detail markings are provided as we have come to expect from Daco and Revell.

I won’t comment further on Revell Germany’s distribution in the U.S. except to say they could learn a thing or two from Hornby/Airfix.   Airfix kits are in stock at the distributors, and new orders are quickly filled.  In comparison, the Revell distributor has almost nothing in stock, and we wait months for new shipments.  These are excellent kits, excellent value for the price, and deserve better distribution.


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