Welcome to our New Web Site !

Welcome to the new web site for Airline Hobby Supplies.

This site is a 100% rebuild of our web presence, and represents about six months of work and preparation.  It is no accident that the site bears more than a passing resemblance to the DRAW Decal web site, and I would like to thank Greg for his help as I built this site.

This first page will serve as my ‘new announcements’ page, and will help keep our customers informed of all new product that arrives at out store, new item announcements from the many manufacturers who support our hobby, and generally anything I feel like writing about.

You will always see our newest posts first, and as you scroll down and through the pages, you can catch up on the older news.

From this page, there is a convenient link into our totally rebuilt eStore, where you will find all the latest airliner kits, decals, resin and metal detail parts.  You will also find our remaining diecast and pre-built airliner models.   In addition, each new product post will include a link directly to that product.

So, with a new start, I look forward to working as your one stop shop for everything need to build that next great model.


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2 Responses to Welcome to our New Web Site !

  1. Adrian Frank van der Voet says:

    This is a VAST improvement over your website Mk. 1.0. Much faster to scoll through the categories too. Congratulations.

  2. russ@AHS says:

    I would recommend a blog site called ‘Airliner Cafe’, their web site home page is http://www.airlinercafe.com/index.php


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