‘Flight of Fancy’ Boeing 757 Decal – Final Round

The airline gathering the most votes at the end of the third round was Eastern Airlines. JH offered two versions of the scheme, so now it is time to select the one we will print.

With apologies to all for the delay getting this final round of voting to you. JH apologizes that his “day job” has been particularly hectic for the past few months. Thankfully, last week he has found a few minutes to finish the profile artwork, and a magnificent job he has done!

The two versions are:

1. Early Jet Scheme. This version was adapted from the scheme worn by Boeing 720s

2). Prop Scheme. The upper image is adapted from the Electra, the lower from a DC-6. They are identical except for the blue patch on the fin and rudder behind the ‘Falcon’ logo. If these schemes win, the blue patch will be printed separately from the falcon, allowing either version to be modelled.

As we said before, the final decision to print the winning scheme rests with me. If money were no object, I’d probably be printing both of these, and a few more besides (BOAC and Air Cal were my faves), I guess I will have to find alternative ways to build these two. The budget looks good at the moment for an early summer release.

This final round will run 14 days, and will close at midnight May 15th 2022.

As before. One vote per person please.

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2 Responses to ‘Flight of Fancy’ Boeing 757 Decal – Final Round

  1. JefBoutin says:

    I vote for the first one, the early jet scheme. Thanks.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  2. John Macalla says:

    I vote for number #1

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